Tuesday, December 13, 2016

MCA Blue Plus

What a day!

Thanks to the guys at Mufflers to the Max

First job was MCA Blue shock install. <insert RAVE REVIEW HERE>

Of course there was a 1 inch drop and a slight change to suggested rear click to remove some harshness. But the car is now so planted and it's lost it's super pitch and dive that 200000klm shocks had

Then there's the muffler. Super short rear muff changed to a single. Not loud at all but aurally superb.

The character of the car has changed so much. I think it's even better than my previous RHT with Ohlins DFV.

Loving the NC.

For about $11,500AUD so far. I couldn't ask for a bigger smile.


Origididge Check out that Stroke and Drooop!

Insert MCA Blue.

Mufflers to the Max ! Champions!  Check that old HIUGE Muffler.

New stealth Single.

 Ride height so far...

I still have the issue of my driveway having a spoeed bump and a hump. So I can't go too low.

But his still allows the RX8/NCEC suspension to work. Long stroke sus on these cars is designed for point to point awesomeness.

Huge thanks to M.Frener. Xmas Present coming.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Basic Plan

Garage Vary Eyelid (approx $100)

Gram Lights 57C 17x9 +30    or GT-R33 Rims.

New Teins - Kind of

Tein... Shocks? No. 

This is a magnetic iPhone mount...  the phone snaps on to this magnet with a sticky backing..

And the mount clips on

Now... MCA shocks should be here tomorrow...

NCEC Replacement Park Bulb

I needed a quick replacement. these little Blue Vision H10 bulbs did the trick

 Bye bye Yellow. Hello White.

Now for the rest.

Park - T10
Low Beam - H7
High Beam - H9
Driving -  H11

Key trouble? Fuse trouble.

Luckily the key issue was just a fuse.

Ordered a new key anyway...Should be here soon.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Key trouble

Mazda NC Key Issue

I had 2 flakey keys that I was planning to replace this week.  

But... Flashing Key Indicator and no start.

Can't start with the key. We could actually push start.

I'll have to do that again to get to the dealer.

Then sus install...

MCA Blue

Murray Coote is a well know Rally Driver and MCA is a Ozzie Tuning Company now making great systems.

Proven in TIME Attack with the S13 Hammerhead.

Ordered... Blue for my street car with 11kg front /6kg rear for a bit of tail out fun.


While I wait...  for the ND but you get the idea.